Sacramento Kings Broadcaster Jerry Reynolds

Sacramento Kings Broadcaster Jerry Reynolds

Sacramento Magazine CoverA lot has changed with the Sacramento Kings since their arrival here in 1985. The team has lived a roller coaster of failure and success, gradually evolving from the NBA’s version of a Siberian gulag into one of its most respected franchises. Along the way, players, coaches, owners and even arenas have come and gone with regularity. But Jerry Reynolds has been a notable exception to that revolving door process, a constant through all of the good, the bad and the ugly.

New Kings fans primarily know Reynolds as the team’s color commentator on TV broadcasts. For them, the ever-affable Reynolds is the wise-cracking yin to play-by-play announcer Grant Napear’s straight man yang, the guy as likely to point out the flaws in a player’s haircut as his inability to shoot free throws. But fans old enough to remember the original Sacramento Kings with equal parts revulsion and nostalgia know Reynolds has been so much more than that during his two-decade tenure.

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