The Open Mic: A Few Words with Cinematographer Ian Webb

Most of us will never know what it is like to see the intimate details of our lives portrayed on the silver screen. But Ian Webb knows all too well the emotions that come with that experience.

The Open Mic: A Few Words with Game Changers Steve Swatt and Jeff Raimundo

Let me start with this paragraph... “I’ve seen many miracles. I’ve seen four babies born. I’ve seen innumerable sunsets. I’ve watched dead languages come alive. I’ve lived to see a black man elected president.

The Open Mic: A Few Words With “Wasted” Author John Byrne Barry

  Like many writers, John Byrne Barry has plied his craft in just about every form possible, from journalism to marketing to seed catalogs.

The Open Mic: A Few Words with LA Times Columnist George Skelton

  For the better part of almost six decades, Los Angeles Times columnist George Skelton has been one of America's most respected and influential political reporters.

The Open Mic: NYT Bestselling Author Jeff Pearlman

Jeff Pearlman refers to himself as a "a habitual blogger, an addicted Tweeter and a guy who knows how lucky and fortunate he is to make his career as a writer/author/Tom Cruise lookalike." We're also pretty fortunate about the writer/author

The Open Mic: Snake Charmer – My 1993 Interview with Kenny “Snake” Stabler

I was truly saddened a few months ago at the untimely passing of one of my personal heroes, the great Oakland Raiders quarterback Kenny "Snake" Stabler.

The Open Mic: Syndicated Editorial Cartoonist Jack Ohman

Some folks might not think of being a cartoonist as a writing job. But as Sacramento Bee editorial cartoonist Jack Ohman can attest, for people in his position the writing is more important than the drawing.

The Open Mic: Novelist and Short Story Master Edmund Schubert

Fans of Orson Scott Card's online magazine the Intergalactic Medicine Show know it is a place where they can always find some of the best science fiction and fantasy writing there is.

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