The Open Mic: Lucky AND good – Talking Writing with International Bestselling Author Tasmina Perry

Tasmina Perry didn't set out to be a writer.

Governing in the Digital Age – My interview with CA Asemblymember Matt Dabaneh

At 34, Assemblymember Matt Dababneh is one of the youngest members of the California Legislature. But his youth can be deceiving. Dababneh is a political veteran who spent eight years in Washington D.C.

Do Millennials Hate Government?

With membership in both major political parties in freefall, it should come as no surprise that Dems and Republicans are trying desperately to get the attention of millennials, America’s 82-million strong contingent of mostly 20-somethings.

The Open Mic: Tough Love With Author Jennifer Basye Sander

Author, acquisitions editor, writing teacher, publishing consultant. Over the years, Jennifer Basye Sander has guided numerous writers from the blank page to the bestseller list.

Above the Bottom Line: Discourse Interview with CA State Treasurer John Chiang

As California’s banker, Treasurer John Chiang has the responsibility of managing the state’s investments and financing.

Sixth Sense Meets Romance: My Interview with NYT Bestselling Romantic Suspense Author Erin Quinn

Erin Quinn is one of the hardest working authors in the writing game today.

Caught Up In Pink: An Interview with Reporter/Filmmaker Ed Fletcher

Regular readers of the Sacramento Bee know Ed Fletcher as a great reporter.

Will Millennials Bring New Vision to Environmentalism?

Every generation inherits problems and opportunities from the previous ones. Each also reflects and acts on those situations in its own way.

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