Millennials Are More Financially Savvy Than We Thought

According to some new analysis by The Atlantic, America’s precocious Millennials may be in better financial shape than most of us Boomers thought they were.

Italy’s 40-year-old Prime Minister Challenges the Old World Order

Clashes between generations are happening all over the globe.

It All Starts With the Writing: My Interview With NPR’s Tamara Keith

I was working in D.C. recently, and when not preoccupied with trying to stay warm I took the opportunity to catch up with one of my favorite expat Californians, NPR's Tamara Keith.

Jobs, Schools & Women — Oh My

Does Assembly Minority Leader Kristin Olsen, one of the youngest legislative leaders in the country, have the experience to drive GOP change? By Rich Ehisen Newly minted Assembly Minority Leader Kristin Olsen has developed a well-earned reputation around the Capitol

Not Bad For A Sheila – My Interview with Novelist Laine Cunningham

When I first met Laine Cunningham she had recently returned from six months camping alone in the Australian Outback, one of the most rugged regions on earth.

Hybrid Romantic Chick Lit Travel Comedy – My Interview with Author Belinda Jones

England has sent America a lot of great things - the Beatles, the Stones, fish and chips, Helen Mirren, Boddingtons...the list goes on and on. My new favorite, however, is author Belinda Jones.

Guest Post: Kate Recore

The following is the first in what I plan to be a series of guest posts from colleagues who share some insight into the writing business.

There are now more Millennials than Boomers. We think.

Look out Baby Boomers, your time as the top generational dog may be coming to an end sooner than we thought.

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