Changing Tide

Changing Tide   Turf and money battles continue over California water reform   It’s been about 20 months since lawmakers and former Gov.

Water Wise Man

Water Wise Man   Engineer David Ford on giving unpopular answers 
to a flood of questions   Being the bearer of unwelcome news rarely makes you the most popular person in town, particularly when it comes to flood control.

Free Fallin’

Free Fallin’ A former treasurer reflects on the Great Recession   Former California State Treasurer Phil Angelides was tapped in 2009 to chair the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, a 10-member commission that Congress tasked with determining the causes of the Great

If you rebuild it

If you rebuild it   A Serial entrepreneur rises from the rubble   Scott Syphax is an unlikely person to garner a nickname like Dr. Doom. After all, the president and CEO of Sacramento-based Nehemiah Corp.

Growing up Urban

Growing up Urban The political climate of land-use planning For decades, devising a clear solution for California’s suburban sprawl and ensuing car culture has been the Holy Grail for smart-growth advocates.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning, October 2010 Emissions standards target key industries If there is one thing a business owner hates, it is uncertainty.

States, feds grapple with fast growing e-cigarette industry

States, feds grapple with fast growing e-cigarette industry, September 2010 On any given day, approximately 45 million Americans will light up a traditional tobacco cigarette...or two or three or more.

States battling to end moderan day slave trade

States battling to end moderan day slave trade, August 2010 To many Americans, slavery is nothing more than a dark scar on our past that died out along with the antebellum South.

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