Organizational Misbehavior

Organizational Misbehavior, August 2009 Are you grooming or stifling tomorrow’s leaders? With the national economy stumbling along like a wounded animal, the only steady growth these days is in the number of workers being shown the door.

Hydrating the System

Hydrating the System, September 2009 The state’s water woes and its faltering economy Most recognized California as “the Golden State” long before lawmakers adopted the official nickname in 1968.

Lady of the House

Lady of the House, May 2009 Doris Matsui on what it takes to build a better Capital Region When most people think of action heroes, they do so in Hollywood terms: big, brawling, muscle-bound guys for whom compromise is always

Delta Vision

Delta Vision, November 2009 Phil Isenberg on the state’s water policy When Gov.

Air Time

Air Time, August 2009 Mary Nichols on statewide solutions to global issues Mary Nichols is no stranger to innovation.

Stately Water Boy

Stately Water Boy, March 2009 California is undoubtedly facing historic water challenges. The list goes on with no easy answers in sight: flood risks, drought, environmental and infrastructure degradation, and water quality issues.

States Look to Limit Drug Company Gifts to Doctors

States Look to Limit Drug Company Gifts to Doctors, March 2008 Pharmaceutical companies spend an estimated $30 billion annually marketing their products, around $7 billion of which is aimed directly at doctors.

Will Immigration Crackdown Have Business Backlash?

Will Immigration Crackdown Have Business Backlash?, February 2008 Just barely a month after taking effect, strict new laws in OKLAHOMA and ARIZONA against hiring illegal immigrants appear to be achieving their goal of driving undocumented workers out of those states.

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