States Consider Paid Sick Leave

States Consider Paid Sick Leave, July 2008 While getting sick is never any fun, for most Americans illness is simply an inconvenience that means taking a few paid days off from work until they feel well enough to get back

Them the People

Them the People, September 2008 Low-skilled foreign workers continue to flood the labor pool — and fuel the debate over our changing economy This is the first in a three-part series on immigration. America has long had a love-hate affair

High Noon for Real ID?

High Noon for Real ID?, February 2007 States' anger over the federal Real ID Act — the mandate for states to adopt by 2008 uniform, tamper-proof driver's licenses and ID cards as a hedge against terrorism — has been on

States Weigh Pros and Cons of Sudan Divestment

States Weigh Pros and Cons of Sudan Divestment, April 2007 Some time in the near future, COLORADO Gov.

States Taking Illegal Immigration Battle to Employers

States Taking Illegal Immigration Battle to Employers, June 2007 With Congress and the White House in seemingly endless gridlock over immigration reform, frustrated states have clearly taken the lead on dealing with what has become one of the nation's major

Containing the Subprime Fallout

Containing the Subprime Fallout, September 2007 Without question, 2007 has been a rough year for the housing market, with home values plummeting and foreclosure rates doing the opposite.

Dam Compromise

Dam Compromise Few things have played as large a role in shaping California into a globaleconomic power as the ability to access, manage and utilize its most precious natural resource: water.

Full-Court Press

Pete Wilson Interview Former California Gov. Pete Wilson has brokered more than a few deals in his long career. Wilson spent over three decades in the political realm, serving stints in the California Assembly and the U.S.

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