Private Parts

It is a fact of life that growing a company takes capital, and the bigger the growth potential the more capital is needed to make it happen. For local entrepreneurs that has long meant bank financing.

An Interview with Best Selling Author and Managment Guru Ted Gaebler

An interview with management guru Ted Gaebler Ted Gaebler is the co-author of the book “Reinventing Government,” which became an international best seller about transforming governments from outdated, bureaucratic organizations, to flexible, customer-focused organizations.

An interview with California Senate Leader Darrell Steinberg

An Interview with California state Senator Darrell Steinberg California Senate Leader Darrell Steinberg has long been one of the leading voices under the Dome in Sacramento.

Kevin Martin

With apologies to Ella Fitzgerald, for most of the modern NBA's young gunners, life just don't mean a thing if it ain't got that bling-the gaudy jewelry, tattoos, cars and other assorted flash-and-dash accouterments that make it clear to everyone

Timber Wolf

How Unity Forest Products CEO Enita Elphick Clawed Her Way to the Top John Quincy Adams, the sixth president of the United States, once defined leadership as the ability to inspire others to "dream more, learn more, do more and

Paper Tiger

McClatchy Moves Up the Paper Chain Any number of things make a business transaction a "big deal." For one, size does matter, as does a touch of controversy and the potential to dramatically alter an industry.

Setting the Stage

Curt Johansen's Trading Steep Profits for Sustainability. Will the Building Industry Follow Suit? Curt Johansen is a man on a mission.

Flood Control in the Sacramento Region

In 2006, Comstock's asked me to take a comprehensive look at the issue of flood control in the Sacramento Region.

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