Stamp of Awareness

Stamp of Awareness

comstock's Magazine logoIt isn’t easy to pin down Dr. Balazs “Ernie” Bodai, Director of Breast Surgical Services for Sacramento Kaiser Permanente. Bodai, renowned for the overwhelming success of his brainchild postage stamp to benefit breast cancer research, keeps a 24/7/365 schedule that would grind most people into the ground. But Bodai isn’t most people, and while some might be content to rest on their laurels if they achieved half of what he has accomplished, the 53-year-old Bodai says he is just getting started.

“I would go nuts if I tried to slow down now,” Bodai says.

It isn’t a theory likely to be tested any time soon. The breast cancer stamp is rapidly approaching 530 million in total sales, recently passing the Elvis Presley stamp to become the biggest seller in U.S. Postal Service history. That translates to more than $40 million in revenue for breast cancer research. Congress recognized the stamp’s incredible power in January when it renewed it for another two-year run. But Bodai is anything but content with semi-annual pleas to Washington to keep the stamp in play. Having already
conquered King and country, Bodai is now set to take on the world.

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