Creativity and COVID-19, A Special Open Mic Project, Day 3. Some thoughts on staying creative from NYT bestselling author Jeff Pearlman.

OM: How has this pandemic impacted you? 

Pearlman: Well, it’s tragic. And just because my family is healthy doesn’t mean it’s not a weight. Just the sadness, awfulness of it all. So—I’m pretty fucking glum. Professionally, not bad. I signed a new book deal several months ago, and right now I’d be sitting in a cafe researching. Instead, I’m sitting at home researching. Same same, just miss the buzz of the scene. And it’s definitely a bit harder some days to get motivated. Weirdly, I have more time to work and less motivation to do so. I need someone to say, “you have six hours.”


OM: Has it been hard to maintain your creativity or focus during this time?

Pearlman: Yes. See above. Not awful, but definitely a challenge. Oddly, the days fly by. Which I didn’t expect.


OM: Do you think this experience will change you as a writer in any way?

Pearlman: I lived through 9.11 as a New York City resident who volunteered at tents distributing supplies to rescue workers. I saw the first tower on fire with my own eyes. It shook me, terrified me, broke me. But … it didn’t really change me as a writer. At least so far as I can tell. Hard for me to figure how this will, if that didn’t. But one never knows.


OM: Anything new you are working on or that is coming out soon we can tell people about?

Pearlman: I have a book about the 96-04 Lakers, “Three-Ring Circus,” slated for September. And my debut hip-hop album under my rap alias, “DJ Kosher Bacon.” So that’s exciting.


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