Creativity and COVID-19, A Special Open Mic Project, Day 3. Some thoughts on staying creative from NYT bestselling author Jeff Pearlman.

OM: How has this pandemic impacted you? 

Pearlman: Well, it’s tragic. And just because my family is healthy doesn’t mean it’s not a weight. Just the sadness, awfulness of it all. So—I’m pretty fucking glum. Professionally, not bad. I signed a new book deal several months ago, and right now I’d be sitting in a cafe researching. Instead, I’m sitting at home researching. Same same, just miss the buzz of the scene. And it’s definitely a bit harder some days to get motivated. Weirdly, I have more time to work and less motivation to do so. I need someone to say, “you have six hours.”


OM: Has it been hard to maintain your creativity or focus during this time?

Pearlman: Yes. See above. Not awful, but definitely a challenge. Oddly, the days fly by. Which I didn’t expect.


OM: Do you think this experience will change you as a writer in any way?

Pearlman: I lived through 9.11 as a New York City resident who volunteered at tents distributing supplies to rescue workers. I saw the first tower on fire with my own eyes. It shook me, terrified me, broke me. But … it didn’t really change me as a writer. At least so far as I can tell. Hard for me to figure how this will, if that didn’t. But one never knows.


OM: Anything new you are working on or that is coming out soon we can tell people about?

Pearlman: I have a book about the 96-04 Lakers, “Three-Ring Circus,” slated for September. And my debut hip-hop album under my rap alias, “DJ Kosher Bacon.” So that’s exciting.

Rich Ehisen

Rich Ehisen is an award-winning journalist, editor, and public speaker who has spent more than twenty-five years interviewing and reporting on politicians, athletes, authors, CEOs, celebrities, artists, cops, doers, and dreamers all over the country. He is the managing editor of the State Net Capitol Journal, a LexisNexis publication that covers all 50 statehouses, and his freelance work has appeared in a variety of publications across the country.


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