My guest today, Elise Atchison, is a fabulous award-winning author whose debut novel, Crazy Mountain, was one of my favorite books of 2022. Crazy Mountain has been called “a grand tale of the power of wilderness to heal wounds—scars on the land and the troubled humans who live in it” and an examination of a singular key question: “How do we live in paradise without destroying the very thing we love?” Her writing has been called “artful, lyrical and deeply moving,” and I wholeheartedly agree. The new Open Mic is here!

Rich Ehisen

Rich Ehisen is an award-winning journalist, editor, and public speaker who has spent more than twenty-five years interviewing and reporting on politicians, athletes, authors, CEOs, celebrities, artists, cops, doers, and dreamers all over the country. He is the managing editor of the State Net Capitol Journal, a LexisNexis publication that covers all 50 statehouses, and his freelance work has appeared in a variety of publications across the country.


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